What we do


Giddy Up connects your business with the best community partner(s) for you. We utilise UN Sustainability Development Goals, giving information by industry by cause and documents that we tailor to your situation.

We deploy Artists / Producers to deliver ESG outcomes, address wellness, add innovation in new team combinations, improve stakeholder engagement and community impact all encapsulated within your authentic company story.

Our three phase process is to:

1. Focus in depth on your business including its Purpose and Values, then

2. Match an appropriate community partner to you, and finally

3. Embed and communicate the learnings through an ongoing creative process.

We believe that doing good underpins doing well.

Learn more about each of our phases

  • Purpose & values

  • Utilise UN SDGs

  • Map causes by industry

  • Agree resources

  • Assess impact sought

  • Partner matrix

  • Partner process

  • Interview

  • 2 page agreement

  • Impact measures

  • Initial program

  • Regular catch up

  • Build relationship

  • Test & learn

  • Embed impact