Sharing creative talent one notebook at a time

The Misprint Co. collect paper nationwide from businesses and schools, and through a process of re-purposing, they create good-looking notebooks. By doing this, they stop paper going to landfill, and drastically reduce the amount of water, energy and resources used to create new paper and notebooks.

Through their services, they create custom branded notebooks that they sell to the companies that supplied their waste paper (Ecoloop service) or use the collected paper to create notebooks for conferences, retail stores and sell on their website (Offset service).

Being designers themselves, they felt that they were wasting a lot of paper while test printing, and they always collected paper from visually interesting companies. This is where their idea came from, and The Misprint Co was born.

With an aim of closing the loop on New Zealand’s paper waste streams, these guys are all about educating and providing people with the means to reduce our consumption.

In order to get their message about sustainability across, while also encouraging people to actively re-use and re-purpose, they came up with the idea to make the notebooks into a really cool, good-looking product, which then led them to the idea to collaborate with local artists, to give the brand a more ‘designer’ feel.

In 2016, they ran a crowdfund campaign on PledgeMe to raise money to get the company rolling. This campaign involved running a special series of artist covers as limited editions that were only available through the crowdfund round. These limited edition notebooks proved popular with both customers and the artists, and every season since then they have collaborated with a different local artist to produce a cover for the season.

By focusing on collaborative, limited edition notebooks – their customers receive something unique, which sets The Misprint Co apart from others.

The Misprint Co currently engage with artists by either hand-selecting an artist, or opening up a submission process where anyone can submit a design.

Through the submission process, The Misprint Co select the top three, and then open up to their audience to vote for the winner, engaging all customers and fans with the artists. When it come to selecting an artist themselves,  they think about how they relate to Wellington and if they’ve had a similar style before.

They like to keep it interesting as well as reach out to a large range of artists, so they often mix up their styles, and so far have had photograph, illustration, graphic design and painting on their covers.

Being one of the only notebook companies that focus on collaborative limited edition products, it allows their customers to get something unique and express their own brand in a sustainable way. They are definitely advocates for investing in arts and artists to gain an interesting perspective on your brand as well as create something new and unique, while also facilitating conscious consumption of an everyday product.

BrandsBrian Steele