A sponsoring strategy that engages and connects a community

Find are a fast growing corporate and IT recruitment team across Wellington and Auckland, and boast an incredible staff retention track record. In just five years, they’ve grown to 30+ people across two cities.

They put it down to a variety of contributing factors, one of which includes how they engage staff and connect with their clients through their approach to sponsorship.

Rather than choosing one or two charities or themes to align their business with, Find take a flexible and broad approach of “do a little, for many” rather than “do a lot, for a few.”

Through this approach they have a widened scope and can look for ways to give back and get involved in staff and client initiatives, whether it’s through donations, getting involved in activities, or forming partnerships.

Take the past 12 months for example:
-          Co-hosting a team with Victim Support at Round the Bays Wellington where they raised over $10,000 for the charity
-          Supported the Wellington City Mission Christmas Star Appeal
-          Sponsoring children through Barnardo’s to attend the Prime Ministers Christmas party
-          Helping establish a Trust that focuses on water safety programmes in schools
-          Competing in a charity golf tournament to raise funds for schools to have bus transportation available

By taking this approach, they are able to engage their staff on things that really matter to each of them, and build on relationships with clients by getting involved in what their organisations are focused on.

There is some consistency however, and it aligns with their brand – connect excellence across the community and across business.

When choosing who they are going to sponsor or partner with, Find look to previous relationships or interactions through staff or their own clients, and focus on what impact their support can have.  


"We are a small, growing private business, and our donations to charity are modest, but we realise the money we can give has a big impact on others.”

Julian Greaves, Director, Find Recruitment

Through their fundraising, sponsorships and partnership efforts, Find have provided financial support to a large range of community groups and organisations. However, to them it’s not about how much they donate. They genuinely care about getting involved with their local communities, and giving back to those who need it, a positive bi-product is a growing and engaged team, and a large robust client base.

BrandsBrian Steele