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Have you ever thought about how your everyday purchases could impact the way businesses take responsibility for social and environmental issues? Or how your business could gain more than just the dollars spent in the store and understand the core issues that your customers care about?

Conscious Consumers have.
For the past seven years, Conscious Consumers have been in the space of creating social and environmental good through a developing a platform that connects consumers and businesses, to share the values and issues they care about.

By making the marketplace more transparent, the platform makes it easier for consumers to understand the social and environmental impact their purchasing decisions have, and for and businesses to under understand the impact their products and services they’re selling have.

Businesses become accredited, by meeting minimum requirements through verification evidence that shows they comply with the CC standards. As they progress through certifications, the businesses earn badges, visible to consumers on an app, who can then make their purchase decision based on this information.

With a focus on empowering consumers, and providing information to create change, Conscious Consumers work alongside third-party partners such as CarboNZero, and Living Wage Aotearoa for the accreditation process – so consumers and businesses alike can trust that the accredited businesses are genuinely doing good business and working to make a change.

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Win – win model
Not only do the businesses benefit from this information through the platform, but consumers are able to use the platform as a guide to find businesses near them that align with their values.

Consumers sign up to the platform and build a profile of what matters to them. Their EFTPOS or debit card is linked up to the account (Conscious Consumers have partnered with Paymark NZ so all information is secure), so every time they swipe at those businesses registered, the business will know that someone who really cares about a particular issue, e.g. cruelty free products, has purchased something in their store. They can then consider making changes to increase their range of cruelty free products, as they know it matters to the consumer. These purchases essentially give consumers a vote for what they believe in, and as these votes add up, the more likely the business is to improve their practices.

“We transform every dollar that you’re spending into a vote for a better world”


Market information such as what consumers really care about is so important as competition increases. We live in a world where the demand for social issues to be resolved is growing day by day, and businesses need to ensure they are not only keeping their customers excited about their brand– but they are genuinely trying to improve the business practices for a better world.

Rather than using the accreditation to tell businesses what they have to do to improve, Conscious Consumers use the accreditation system to encourage them to make a change. As Conscious Consumers partner with over 50 certification organisations and NGO’s, should a business need guidance for the next steps to take to improve their practices, business can get connected with the appropriate organisation.

Conscious Consumers are already working with over 20,000 consumers and 500 businesses to gauge market information and insight into how we want the world to look.

Although most of the 500 businesses working with Conscious Consumers are in the retail sector, there is room to expand, as they have a large focus on businesses who want to make a change, no matter the industry.

Since Conscious Consumers aim to connect consumers with like-minded businesses, a prerequisite for becoming an accredited business is to have a genuine desire to make a change. If you are interested in making a change either as a consumer, or a business, visit for further information on becoming accredited, or download the Conscious Consumers app.

Disclosure: GiddyUp connects business and donors, with strategically aligned community partners. Brian is a shareholder of Conscious Consumers.

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