Profile: PressPatron

Could you describe your Organisation and the work you perform?
PressPatron is a crowdfunding and membership platform for supporting quality journalism. Our platform simplifies the process of making one-time and monthly donations to journalists and publishers, in a few easy clicks. As the founder of PressPatron, my core role has been to coordinate the project and establish partnerships with the media community. A list of our publishers can be viewed on our website.


What are the core values of your organisation
We’re passionate about improving the financial sustainability of journalism, so that journalists are empowered with the resources they need to undertake quality reporting. Since the early 2000s, we’ve lost nearly half of our journalists due to cutbacks in newsrooms throughout New Zealand. The only way we can reverse this trend is by supporting journalism financially, and PressPatron is dedicated to making this process as easy as possible.

How would you describe the profile of your (prospective) audience and customer?
We have a two-sided marketplace. On the one hand, we have publishers and journalists who dedicate their lives to creating stories that inform and inspire their readers. On the other, we have readers who value the impact of journalism on our society and care enough to support it financially.

How do you currently engage your (prospective) audience and customer?
PressPatron connects directly with potential supporters via the websites of our media partners. Firstly, our promotional banner is embedded along the top of each page, and includes a brief call-to-action message encouraging readers to become a supporter. We also provide a payment button that can be embedded anywhere within the page, such as the footer of articles. When our supporter button is clicked, it activates a sign-up window where readers can choose the amount and frequency of their donation.

What is the impact of your organisation?
For journalists and publishers the donation revenue processed by PressPatron has an incredibly powerful impact on those who use our platform, allowing them to cover ongoing expenses, expand their operations or commission special investigative projects. The donations help keep real journalism alive.

For readers who are passionate about quality journalism, Press Patron gives them the opportunity to support the creation of stories that wouldn’t have been told otherwise. Stories that actually have an impact on New Zealand society as a whole, rather than entertainment content or sensationalist clickbait.

How do you bring together parties and help them find their match?
PressPatron acts as a catalyst to convert fans of quality journalism into loyal supporters. Because our platform is embedded ubiquitously across each publisher’s website, the process occurs quite organically. Publishers and journalists attract readers to their websites by producing high quality journalism about topics that matter. After a reader discovers a story with a powerful impact, it’s very easy for them to click our button and become a supporter.

Could you describe the value shared and received beyond the dollars?
Our long-term vision is to improve the way that people discover quality stories about topics that matter to society. We’ve noticed some fascinating trends within our data, which suggest that supporters are extremely good at identifying quality journalism. The simple act of a supporter making a donation allows us to quickly identify stories that people care about the most.  This is quite transformative for the journalism community, and provides a much better indicator of quality than existing data metrics such as page views, clicks or shares.

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