Good for everyone: Todd Energy immersed in Taranaki’s Community

An energy business may seem like an unusual partner for an arts festival, but for an event like WOMAD (World of Music, Arts & Dance) that has the whole community in mind, you need a partnership that does too.
Todd Energy, a Taranaki local, 100% New Zealand owned and operated natural gas company, has a long history of involvement in the community including arts and dance, sports, education and water safety – and has been supporting WOMAD NZ since it began in 2003.

Todd Energy have a strong alignment with WOMAD, with a desire to contribute, develop and grow the Taranaki community, and emphasise that it is a world class region.

Todd Energy has made a long-term commitment to WOMAD, with this year marking 15 years of partnership. However the support that Todd Energy provides is more than financial, they’re genuinely engaged in the festival, and are committed to supporting the region and its development.

“We are committed to operating our business here and investing in the communities in which we work. WOMAD is part of that commitment.”

Supporting a world class region
One of the special things about WOMAD being in Taranaki is that New Plymouth is the smallest city in the world to host the major international festival. Executing an event of this size requires a lot of community involvement and support.

Todd Energy are true believers in Taranaki as a world class region, and through their support of such an event, they aim to continue to showcase and build the reputation of New Plymouth and the wider region throughout the rest of the world. In the lead up to, and during the week of the festival, Taranaki comes alive - a buzz with excitement and a sense of pride.

An education opportunity
Not only do Todd Energy sponsor the festival during the weekend, they take the opportunity to extend the festival into local schools and communities. Their schools programme is incredibly important for these rural communities, who aren’t close enough or in the thick of the excitement that goes on in the city. This gives them a taste of what WOMAD is like, and an opportunity to learn about world cultures.

Through their schools programme, Todd Energy take a WOMAD artist to rural schools in the region for a day of music, dance and excitement. The kids have a wonderful time being immersed in the WOMAD experience first-hand, while the Todd Energy team put on a barbeque and invite parents and local community members to a performance featuring the artists and children.

“Being able to support unique cultural experiences in Taranaki, gives the region a greater consideration of world culture.”

 - Hamish McHaffie,
Community Partnerships and Community Relations Manager, Todd Energy.

Benefits to Todd Energy
Being a major partner at an event like this allows the business to share the WOMAD love with stakeholders, staff, and community members.

Each year during the festival, Todd Energy host functions for their key stakeholders inviting them to enjoy the unique experience. Their employees also receive tickets as a thank you and are encouraged to enjoy the weekend with their families.

Being so involved with a large-scale community event, creates a great opportunity to emphasise the work that Todd Energy does. For them, it goes beyond just having a presence in the region, they are completely immersed, and that affirms their commitment to bettering the local community and their strong reputation amongst its locals.

Benefits to the region
The festival not only generates buzz in the region, it has a significant impact on the economy. Throughout the festival, the region welcomes an average of 13,000 visitors, with many arriving from around the world.

This influx of visitors generates $12m for the Taranaki economy every year, as tourists explore beyond the festival gates, experiencing the sights and tastes of the wider Taranaki region.

Environmental responsibility is also incredibly important to both Todd Energy and WOMAD. Looking after the WOMAD venue , so WOMAD runs a zero-waste initiative throughout the festival to reduce waste and highlight the importance of taking care of the environment, and in the process maintains its reputation as a world class city.

Ensuring the festival continues in Taranaki is important to the businesses of New Plymouth and the wider Taranaki community - making partnerships like these increasingly important.

By providing support beyond the dollars, Todd Energy has truly allowed for the festival to thrive and the region to continue promoting itself to the world.

If you want to head along to this year’s festival – visit to find out more and to purchase tickets, and for more information about Todd Energy’s involvement in WOMAD visit their website.

BrandsBrian Steele