A partnership 25 years in the making

How do we get kiwi kids ready for the business world?
Let’s ask Young Enterprise.

Young Enterprise is a charity that fosters the entrepreneurial spirit of thousands of kiwi kids each year, building the leaders of the future. Their resources, programmes and experiences reach out to children across primary and secondary schools nationwide, providing inspiration, encouraging innovation and building an anything is possible attitude.

What excites Young Enterprise is connecting teachers and their students with members of the business community to provide an experience that is authentic and relevant to the changing world we live in. This is made possible through partnerships with organizations like BP, which this year reaches an outstanding 25 year milestone.

For Young Enterprise, building a great relationship with a partner that moves beyond the monetary value is essential; as they love to see their sponsors get involved with their activities, seeing the impact of their partnership first hand.

For two and a half decades, the relationship between Young Enterprise and BP has continued to evolve, with BP supporting a wide range of their activities. These include the BP Business Challenge – a three-day high energy business experience that is delivered nationwide every week and BP employees volunteering their time at numerous events and projects such as The Lion Foundation YES programme, Business Coaching events and Entrepreneurs in Action events. BP has even sold some of the students’ products in their retail outlets over the years.

Young Enterprise also teaches vital life skills like financial literacy, helping students to be smart with their money so they can have more choices in life. With the move into technology-based learning, it’s more important than ever to create accessible resources for young people and Young Enterprise makes their resources available to students online and also engages with them through social media.

As Young Enterprise is a charity, running successful programmes and creating these beneficial resources relies on sponsorships and donations. The uncertainty of one-off funding makes it challenging to plan, so funding partners who are investing for a long-term benefit are very much valued. The 25 year relationship between BP and Young Enterprise demonstrate just what can be achieved through this approach.

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