Profile: Artists Alliance

Could you describe your organisation and the work you perform?
Artists Alliance was founded in 1991 as a not-for-profit, membership-led organisation which represents and advances the professional interests of visual artists in Aotearoa New Zealand.

From its Auckland headquarters, Artists Alliance helps artists navigate the sector, to find their place in it professionally, by providing information and resources about opportunities for internships or employment, professional development, exhibitions and events.

Since 1995 Artists Alliance has put 64 people through its mentoring programme. More recently it has also provided peer mentoring through a Boot Camp Programme launched in 2014, which covers topics such as proposal writing, budgets, residencies, artist-run initiatives and the artist/dealer relationship.

Artists Alliance has also hosted 28 recent graduates on the brokered internship programme piloting in 2011 and then during 2014–2017. Graduates of this programme are working at the likes of Artspace, St Paul St, Auckland Art Gallery, Waikato Museum, Wallace Arts Trust, Te Tuhi, and Artists Alliance amongst others. One has just graduated from the Courtauld Institute in London. Another is exhibiting on the international art stage.

What are the core values of your organisation?

·         Respect for all peoples

·         Honesty and integrity

·         Teamwork

·         Financial responsibility

·         Learning and development

·         Goal-orientated decision making

How would you describe the profile of your (prospective) audience and customer?
Our members, and the individuals we help, come from all areas of the visual arts community. They range from graduates who want to pursue a career as an artist or find themselves gravitating towards teaching or arts administration for example, through to established artists who are looking to build their career.

Artists Alliance has received funding from the likes of Foundation North, Chartwell Trust, Pattillo, Auckland Council, Creative New Zealand and Pub Charity. The organisation also receives valuable support from a network of stakeholders, which we are aiming to broaden to include companies who value the arts and are looking to play a tangible role in developing a richer and more diverse arts community in New Zealand.

I see an opportunity for companies that really want to engage in an authentic relationship with artists and arts organisations, that want to play a part in the development and success of the sector, and that want a genuine partnership.

How do you currently engage your (prospective) audience and customer?
Artists Alliance is a key part of the arts ecology, with vast experience and knowledge of the sector, so has a broad network of contacts.

We regularly engage with our current supporters via our social media channels as well as through more formal reports as required by individual funders.

In terms of members, they receive monthly newsletters that include art news, opportunities and events, and we also have a Facebook group where members can meet and collaborate.

Our website further provides lists of opportunities in the creative sector, extensive resources and articles on subjects such as law, copyright and insurance.

New sponsors would gain excellent profile through these social media channels and through the website and blog.

How do you bring together parties and help them find their match?
Artists Alliance is interested in exploring what new sponsors might like to achieve in terms of access to the visual arts sector and how we can assist.

Sponsors may choose to be involved with artists in one part of the Artists Alliance programme – such as the internship programme or Bootcamp Mentoring – or across the full programme.

Artists Alliance can broker relationships with individual artists or other arts organisations, having had many years of brokerage experience in the sector.

We also regularly attend events, seminars, and exhibitions which provide numerous opportunities to connect sponsors and their clients with the arts community.

Could you describe the value shared and received beyond the dollars?
Artists Alliance’s supporters help it put the individual artist at the centre of its activities, to enable them and their careers to thrive.

This gives sponsors the benefits of a genuine partnership and authentic experience – the chance to take a stake in the development of individuals, and the visual arts sector as a whole, and to join us to celebrate its successes.

Disclosure: Brian has a modest collection of early 20th Century NZ Art. Unfortunately this does not lead to the sponsorship interactions that The Artists Alliance can make available.

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