One Percent Collective

Could you describe your company and the work you perform?
One Percent Collective is a Wellington-based registered charity that exists to inspire more generosity and to simplify regular giving. We’ve got over 300 donors who donate 1% of their income to the partner charities we support.

Our role is to share stories from the Collective and our charities, bring people together through events, create the best sign-up and donating experience for donors and engage volunteer skills where possible.

We also have a pool of corporate sponsors and our Future 50, a group of 50 individuals and small businesses giving $20 a week, to fund our core expenses.

What are the core values of your company?
The three values we live by are: Be Open. Be Human. Be Real.

Be Open is about transparency, ensuring all reporting standards are met and being totally open about the tough times as well as the amazing times. Be Human is about connecting with our donors and supporters, holding events where people can meet the humans behind the charities, plus their fellow Collective humans. Be Real is about sharing the real impact stories from our charities – how their work is creating change in this world, plus the people who are part of the work they do.

How would you describe the profile of your (prospective) audience?
Our Collective is made up of a huge mix of people, from students to large corporates. Many of our donors sit in the 24–40 year old range, and 65% are female. They are the sorts of people who are inspired when things are done differently. We’re all fed up of being approached on the street, called during dinnertime (on that landline that you forgot you even had) by charities using fundraising methods that don’t connect with us anymore.

Our audience expects transparency, great storytelling, a great user experience and the opportunity to lend their skills to help push the generosity movement.

How do you currently engage your (prospective) audience?
Storytelling and events are the two key ways that we connect with current Collective donors and future Collective donors. Our monthly ‘Storytime’ newsletter features stories from our partner charities, which are also shared through social media to expand their reach.

They are also shared by partner charities and often used by external media sources. Our printed publication, The Generosity Journal, reaches around 15,000 people, sharing more positive stories from our Collective world. Issue Four is on the streets throughout Wellington and Auckland this July.

Our Collective events have taken a few forms over the years, but generally mix our charity world with the creative world and the Kiwi music scene. Our donors are invited to ‘Generosity Sessions’ where One Percent shares stories explaining why we do what we do, as well as featuring our headline speakers from our partner charities, plus musicians such as Thomas Oliver, Louis Baker, Warren Maxwell and Ryan Edwards.

What are the key challenges you have to overcome to locate and select sponsors?
One of the challenges was to really look at the financial support we needed and how we could spread that over a number of sponsors, rather than aiming to get one sponsor to cover it all. After all, pushing a generosity movement is all about people, so the more businesses that we work with, the more generous people we meet.

Our Future 50 and our corporate sponsors are of course an amazing network of brains and talented humans who can support us in so many ways, not just financial support. They play an incredible part in helping us to push the generosity movement.

Plus, with smaller financial commitments, it means we can work with a mixture of small and big businesses such as Trade Me, Flick Electric Co., Simply Payroll, Wellington Hospitality Group, Klim, The Original Cocoa Traders, BizDojo and Sam Newble.

We don’t need be supported solely by NZ’s biggest corporates. It’s all about going back to the One Percent ethos, with a lot of people giving a little on a regular basis.

Could you describe the value shared and received beyond the dollars?
Our relationship with sponsors is all about working with companies and people who really believe in doing things differently.

It’s not just about the financial support, it’s about sitting down to learn their key aims, events and dreams for the year and how One Percent Collective can fit best into their plans, so that it’s a win-win for all.

That could be through getting our sponsors’ staff involved with volunteering, holding special Collective events with their staff and simply just being human around what we are all trying to achieve.

Disclosure: Brian agrees that one of the highlights of Sponsorship is the opportunity to explore and learn from special collective events. 

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