Definitely Maybe: Test and Learn

In hit single ‘Live Forever’, Liam Gallagher shared his disinterest at knowing how his partner’s garden grows. He ventured that:

“Maybe I’ll never be all the things I want to be,
now’s not the time to cry,
now’s the time to find out why,
(… as you and I are gonna live forever)”

The Oasis debut studio album Definitely Maybe was released on 29 August 1994. As per Wikipedia, it sold 15 million copies globally, helped spur a revitalisation in the British pop music scene and was embraced by the critics for its optimistic themes.

Application to business
Liam’s brother Noel Gallagher did not write a manifesto for business. The track does, however, describe a willingness to dream big and play to win. This is not so different from a new venture who is determining product market fit ahead of seeking funding for scale. Incubators such as CreativeHQ in Wellington and Mahuki at Te Papa work with entrepreneurs to guide them to find their ‘why’.

Application to sponsorship partnerships
In turn, there are parallels in the establishment of meaningful sponsorship partnerships. As we shared in our Could You Be The One? article, the best relationships align purpose and goals, where:

“Maybe you’re the same as me,
we see things they’ll never see”

It’s essential to establish trust, and for a premium brand such as Te Mata Vineyard it may only require a select niche and dedicated audience who see what they can see.

Test and Learn
As with startups establishing their distinct and compelling proposition, the more successful sponsorship arrangements engage audiences and measure and adjust from their response.

Flick Electric shared that from their partnership with the Comedy Festival, new opportunities have arisen. This includes further engagement with, and opportunities for leading comedians to delight Flick customers (while earning additional funding for the artists).

Audience engagement
A Slightly Isolated Dog’s audience-driven works of Don Juan and Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde are tested and refined each night. They deliver a highly different experience dependent on the show’s participating audience. This in turn encourages multiple opportunities to enjoy the same title, but with a layering of perspective.

Indian Ink productions – including the 2017 The Pickle King – are developed over a number of years, after numerous testing of portions of their work with smaller audiences.

Two-way learnings
Smart companies that have earned the right to engage leverage their workforce and customers to seed and receive ideas. This in turn increases buy-in and can devolve the execution tasks to wider than their employ. This requires careful listening, strong, sere interface and improved processes.

Air New Zealand provide such an example – from booking, to check in, to bag scanning. They have been rated the best airline for the past four years, while successfully devolving tasks to their willing passengers. One marvels at what will they have us passengers happily doing next*.

*Request for Air New Zealand – please work on the immigration authorities and more specifically eliminating those pesky paper-based entry and exit forms (you could look to Canada here and their automation here).

Next Month
The Power of YES and how the combination of these two factors allied to a clear purpose can lead to strong business and community engagement and rewards.

So Giddy Up and invest time to find out your ‘why’!

Disclosure: the author is a beneficial shareholder (since July 2017) in Flick Electric, a sponsor of A Slightly Isolated Dog and Indian Ink. He owns Oasis records from the days in which one regularly made such purchases.


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