Could you describe your company and its business profile?
Coastella Music Festival is a creative showcase for established and emerging, local and international musical artists as well as acting as a community springboard to launch local talent and celebrate the vibrancy of the Kāpiti Coast’s local craft industries.

Founded by Paul Brown and Gerry Paul in 2016, Coastella will hold its third festival on February 17th 2018.

What are the core values of Coastella?
Coastella is a celebration of community, creativity, collaboration and sustainability.

We showcase what the Kāpiti Coast has to offer and our vision is to nurture artistic excellence in the region. We believe that a community rich in culture is a rich community and this is only achieved with the generous help of our partners, sponsors and collaborators, who help us realise this dream. We are ambitious in our approach but most importantly we are on an adventure and it’s imperative to us that we’re all having fun along the way.

How would you describe the profile(s) of your (prospective) audience?
A diverse audience that are open to new experiences, Coastella is about discovery of music, food and beverage. Our audience are looking to see artists they may have never seen live before or in some cases even heard of. Coastella festival-goers are people who value quality music, cuisine and company.

How do you engage your (prospective) audience?
We have a very hands on approach: we set up a community music initiative last year, which is a program that engages Kāpiti Coast primary school students in workshops with visiting Coastella artists, for a chance to perform at Coastella. This connects us in a very authentic way to our regional music community. We engage our artists by profiling their stories – with such a diverse range of international artist personalities to local band collectives we love sharing their stories with our audience not only online but through traditional print media.

We like to get creative with our partners: we create a Funzone at Coastella each year which involves a lot of creative people, and we have Havana coffee on board with this which aligns well for our brands. We’re also putting down a special brew with local brewery Tuatara, which we will share with our audiences in the lead up to, and on festival day.

Social media is critical for us for growth and to reach out to new communities. We have an energetic creative team that are building our community from the ground up.

What were the key challenges you had to overcome to locate & select sponsors?
Brand alignment is important to us.

With that focus it makes it more challenging to get true dollar sponsorship as these brands are more often than not boutique and don’t have the marketing budget to invest in a young festival. We push the creative boundaries so that there is mutual brand support. We are getting approached by interested brands now which is very rewarding, as sponsorship is critical for the success and growth of Coastella.

Could you describe the value shared and received beyond the dollars?
We’ve carried some key partnerships through the last two festivals and we will continue to work with these brands. Some of them like HavanaTuataraand D4 Bars and Restaurants have taken a chance with a young organisation and we value their support from the start.

They continue to offer creative input, community reach and feedback, and ultimately have fun with us along the way.

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