Profile: The Arts Foundation of New Zealand

Could you describe your Organisation and the work you perform?
The Arts Foundation of New Zealand provides inspiring solutions to grow philanthropic support for the arts. It produces the New Zealand Arts Awards, where over $400,000 is granted to artists, and the prestigious Icon Awards. Over 180 of New Zealand finest artists have been honored by the Foundation and over $5 million has been distributed as awards. The Foundation also has an arts crowdfunding website called Boosted, where all donations qualify for a tax credit.

What are the core values of your Organisation?
It is important to the Arts Foundation that it is a vibrant and current part of the arts community. It provides leadership in the world of arts philanthropy and believes artists are great New Zealanders. Audiences are treated with respect and given meaningful and enjoyable experiences.

What are the characteristics that you see in Companies seeking to Sponsor?
Most companies seeking sponsorship partners in New Zealand want to make a positive impact on the nation. Sponsorship managers represent the desire of employees to be associated with community initiatives that progress New Zealand and make our country a better place to live in. They balance this objective with commercial imperatives to promote brands, sell goods, entertain clients, attract new clients and make new business connections.

How do you work with them to determine what will appeal to the Sponsor’s customer?
The Arts Foundation works with companies whose customers align with the values of our Patrons. As the Foundation works hard to ensure that Patrons understand the impact they are having on the arts and provides Patrons with meaningful experiences with artists, it is easy for the Foundation to provide rich opportunities for the clients of sponsors.

How do you then facilitate the Sponsor meeting parties that best fit for them?
As a national organisation with year round activity, the Arts Foundation provides numerous opportunities to connect sponsors and their clients with its community. These events, occasions and ceremonies provide content for digital channels, which can be shared with the sponsor and promote the sponsor’s brand. All experiences, events or communications, must be of the highest standard, carry the values of the Arts Foundation and its sponsors and progress the notion of doing good for the nation.

Could you describe the value shared and received beyond the dollars?

For the Arts Foundation:
As sponsors are often introducing their customers to the Arts Foundation for the first time, the Foundation works very hard to exceed the expectations of those customers. This discipline has been one of the defining factors in driving innovation at the Arts Foundation in events and communications.

For Sponsors:
Money can’t buy experiences of historical significance cannot be purchased. Only through partnerships can sponsors create genuine ownership with New Zealand, its people and the aspirations of the nation. These connections drive pride in the company and provide deep value for brands.

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