Profile: Soar Print

Could you describe your company and its business profile?
SOAR print is a 3rd generation family owned business employing around 100 people in Auckland and Hamilton. We are leaders in print innovation and technology, and have won several awards for sustainability.

What are the core values of your company?
Innovation, craft and pride, attention to detail, fair play, people matter, and yes sustainability does matter!

To us sustainability means being worthy custodians of the assets we use, so that what we leave behind is in good shape for the next generation and has the capacity to endure.

It’s all about giving back, we live by this value and want to encourage others to do the same.

How would you describe the profile(s) of your (prospective) customers?
Forward thinking businesses, community groups and not for profits either serving New Zealanders, or manufacturers of product In New Zealand.

We provide sponsorship support to a diverse range of people dedicated to giving back.

How do you engage your (prospective) customers?
By walking the talk! We support people actively making a difference to New Zealanders in a variety of ways including supporting the Arts.

By being active participants of sponsoring a number of causes and the Arts we enjoy, it naturally attracts like minded people to us.

What were your challenges in finding sponsorship partners and how did you select them?
They usually approach us, too many to take on all of them. The biggest challenge is being able to support them all.

So our selection is based on people who share our values, walk the talk and whoever has either the biggest need at the time or has created something in the Arts space that we really enjoy.

For example when we heard Lifeline were struggling to gain government assistance to fund their cause, we actually reached out to them to offer our help to support their cause.

And given our love of the Arts, sponsoring supporters of the Arts such as Indian Ink, Basement Theatre and Q Theatre is a natural fit for us. They all provide enormous value to the community by supporting both artists and fans alike.

Could you describe the value shared and received beyond the dollars?
The introduction to like-minded companies, the networking amongst corporates, and the staff engagement with causes that gives us all a sense of purpose in what we do is priceless.

The opportunities are far reaching, everyone involved benefits.

One tangible example beyond the dollars is the reciprocal benefits we enjoy as a result of being a sponsorship partner of Indian Ink.

Indian Ink support our love of the Arts by putting on a private play for us every year. It’s an experience we can enjoy with the wider Soar Print team and something we all look forward to each year.

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