Profile: Goldfish Creative

Could you describe your organisation and the work you perform?
GoldFish Creative provides services to creative industries, across film, theatre and events. We cover publicity, logistics, production management and event management to ensure events are delivered to a high standard.

Festivals we’ve been involved in include the LUX Light Festival, the New Zealand Festival, the Performance Arcade, the NZ International Film Festival and we’re in the process of producing Wellington’s first photography festival in over  10 years, Photival. We’ve provided locations management for the feature film Human Traces and TVNZ Docu-Drama Doubt: The Scott Watson Story as well as numerous TVCs.

Our theatre involvement covers works in Wellington, New Zealand and abroad, producing the New Zealand New Performance Festival last year, which took 9 New Zealand works over to La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club, New York.

What are the core values of your organisation?
GoldFish Creative values high quality service, honest communication and safe and responsible practices. We only work with practitioners who share these values to ensure we can deliver reliable results in the delivery or publicising of your event, show or film.

We know our field inside out and when we don’t have the answers, we know who to call to find the specialist knowledge, skills or access needed to get a project over the line.

How would you describe the profile of your (prospective) audience and customer?
Our projects vary in scale, but all share an arts focus, so our audience shares a love for the arts or a creative experience. Some of the larger events we’ve worked on such as the LUX Light Festival draw a broad audience from Wellington and further afield that appreciate an experience that can be shared with family.

Our customers return to us due to our high level of professionalism and integrity, we’re known for going the extra mile and getting the job done right. We frequently partner with skilled artists or creators to offer the production or publicity support and expertise needed, so they can focus on making rather than managing.

How do you currently engage your (prospective) audience and customer?
A lot of the work we do comes from word of mouth, which is why we are particularly focused on providing a positive experience for all of our customers. Our GoldFish Creative website is our main marketing tool, we point prospective customers and collaborators to it to see what we’ve done and have received unsolicited briefs through it too.

We also engage with audience through mainstream media channels and have a growing Instagram following. Our goal is to provide content to these channels that gives a snapshot into the workings of our business, as well as being fun and engaging.

How do you bring together parties and help them find their match?
Each match is on a project-by-project basis. For each project we ask ‘who has the same ethos as this project? Who will this resonate with?’ We aim to find businesses that are either seeking to target the same audience, or who have similar goals and values and would benefit from expanding their reach through cross-promotion.

With our marketing and publicity experience we’re able to outline very clearly the reach and impact that a partnership can offer for a business. We’re passionate about bringing together people and organisations from disparate backgrounds and we often find the most unusual match can be the most productive and rewarding for all involved.

Could you describe the value shared and received beyond the dollars?
The value gained for both parties certainly exceeds the dollars, or the dollar value of product given.

For sponsors, it’s a chance to communicate their values to prospective clients, expand their reach to new audiences, and get involved in often exciting and socially rewarding projects. Companies often enjoy contributing to the making of art, and when they can see people enjoying the art that they’ve facilitated or enabled through their contribution, it gives a sense of worth beyond their own business-as-usual achievements.

For the sponsees, it’s often the difference between getting to create the thing or not. Having a sponsor, either of money or of contra, gives a feeling of support and belief that what they are making is worthwhile and it’s bigger than themselves. It can give an artist the momentum needed to complete a project, or take an extra leap of faith, when they know someone other than themselves is invested in the project and its success.

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